Fire Safety Legislation – What You Need to Know

Around the world, fire is the most dangerous human disaster that can happen. In just a snap, all your properties will turn into ashes. Because of this, United kingdom covered their country with about 70 pieces of law. The first law is the Regulatory reform order of 2005. This law will take effect in all of the workplaces in England and Wales. The law tells you who will be the responsible person in case the workplace or establishment will catch fire. This law replaced the previous legislation which is the Fire Precautions of 1971, wherein you need to apply a fire certificate to your building that does not go under material alterations or improvements.


Scotland has different safety precautions. The law is called The Fire Safety regulation of 2006. Like Scotland, the Northern Ireland also has separate safety precautions that can be found at Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service.

These new laws and safety precautions will take actions to prevent fires and protect your properties as well as the safety of your house from fire. Also, as an employee, you will be protected and insured by the company that they are working for.

United Kingdom and Elsewhere

Aside from that, United Kingdom also includes general fire safety hazard that the company should comply. This includes the source of ignitions, the source of fuel, and oxygen that can cause the fire.

As an individual we need to be careful especially that there are a lot of hazardous things around us. Make sure that if you are to be the responsible person, you have a proper training for the safety of your employers. Make sure that you have the proper equipment in putting out the fire. And of course, you need to comply with the fire safety legislation that was created by the government. In that way we can prevent a much bigger accident that will cause all of our investments and sometimes a life