How to Handle Mold Infestations after a Fire

You probably know that a fire is damaging in many ways, but you might not consider that it could actually generate a mold infestation. How can it do this?

Well, how do you get rid of a fire? You most likely use water in some capacity in order to do this. Many fires require a lot of water. In essence, this large amount of water emulates a flood, and thus, leads to water damage, and the resulting formation of mold. This predicament can be particularly irritating because now you are required to deal not only with fire damage, but also with water damage, and additionally, mold damage.

Impacts of Mold Infestations

Especially when not dealt with immediately, mold infestations pose serious health threats to individuals frequently exposed to the affected areas. Indoor mold that results from fires can infect humans with any of the following:
skin rashes, allergies, asthma, central nervous system issues, headaches, bleeding lungs, hives, irritability, flu symptoms, diarrhea, dermatitis, cancer, itching, insomnia, mental dysfunction, fatigue, and memory loss problems; and this list is not exhaustive.

An example of black mold, which can attack damp areas of a home (often after a fire has been extinguished).

In order to minimize the burden that results from the formation of this mold, it is wise to hire a mold inspection Austin expert, and get your damaged area tested for mold. The main benefit you will experience from testing for mold is increased knowledge. Knowing the true facts about your situation, and understanding the results of your mold test can assist you in making a decision about the best approaches to take in order to remove the mold. Plus, figuring out if there actually exists a mold infestation in your affected area can help you act before the infestations gets out of hand, and costs you more money, time, and energy.

Not to mention, there also exist many health risks involved in the basic task of handling the mold. Furthermore, making the incorrect decisions can potentially make you very sick. For instance, depending on your situation, it might be possible to scoop, scrape, and dispose of the mold by hand yourself, but this significantly increases your chances of becoming infected. Therefore, the knowledge you obtain from mold testing can also help you proceed with caution, and handle the situation in the safest manner possible. It is best to hire a professional to remove the mold from your affected area.

Mold Testing Costs

How much does mold testing cost? How much does mold removal cost? These costs vary depending on your situation, and on your country. One thing is nearly guaranteed though, mold testing and removal will cost much less than the long-term expenses associated with expansive mold infestations. Many contractors offer free mold testing, and then simply charge for the removal.

For example, in the United States, the average reported cost of mold testing and removal is $2151. This number is based on 2673 cost profiles. The low cost of mold testing in the U.S. is $500, and the high cost is $5250. This said, most homeowners in the U.S. spent between $1135 and $3182 on mold testing and removal.

In Jamaica, local island mold testing and removal costs equal approximately $1500 per day. This varies heavily depending on which area of Jamaica your damaged property is located in, and on the circumstances of your damage. Many local Jamaican processes involvea handful of hard-working, highly experienced individuals investigating your pertinent area, testing for mold, and then carrying out the mold removal techniques. In Jamaica, mold removal experts typically require a 3-day minimum charge. The workers work approximately 10 hours per day. Given the number of hurricanes and other natural disasters that occur in Jamaica, mold infestations invade much more frequently than they do in the United States; however, mold testing costs and prices for mold removal tend to be cheaper.

As discussed, it is very wise to decide to get your fire-damaged area professionally inspected for mold, and then hire workers to remove the mold. Mold infestations are indirect consequences of putting out fires using copious amounts of water. It is definitely better to minimize your chances of getting sick, and take the burden off your shoulders by hiring an expert. Mold testing costs vary depending on the circumstances of your damage, and the region where you are located. Never forget that as long as it involves molds, prevention is always better than cure.