Tree Removal Safety for Hurricane Recovery

Flooding as a result of heavy rains and high winds, such as the most recent destruction caused by Hurricane Matthew, can have diverse impact on local landscapes. Normally, trees take most of the damage by hurricanes and strong storms. The reason for this is likely to be their leafy canopies and large sizes. This implies that a majority of the cleanup that is done after a hurricane or a strong storm involves tree care. Safety exercised in tree removal after strong storms and hurricanes is a neglected area and this is the reason it will be discussed to some significant depth.

How to handle the damage

Follow these steps to safely handle downed trees in the aftermath of a hurricane.

Follow these steps to safely handle downed trees in the aftermath of a hurricane.

There are numerous ways by which to safely remove trees or part of tree after strong storms and hurricanes. Some of the notable ones include the following:

  • It is usually recommended that most of the care required for trees after a hurricane or a strong wind should be performed by professional arborists. The primary reason for the recommendation is because they have the appropriate expertise and equipment to go about safely removing fallen trunks or large trees.
  • Professionals also exercise the necessary safety precautions on handling power lines that have been downed. This is because such power lines fall around trees. This might be risky for an individual without the appropriate expertise and equipment to perform the job safely.
  • Trees that have fallen should be safely removed as soon as possible. This is because they might fall on the house or close to it.
  • If the property owner would like to have the stumps of their trees removed safely, he or she should enquire from the company that is providing the tree removal service. Residue of wood chips obtained from the grinding of branches and stumps can be recycled for mulch in seed beds.
  • Small branches and trees can be easily and safely handled by homeowners with the help of chain saws. This is usually a necessary activity so as to clear driveways and pathways. It may also be to remove branches that are found in the environs of a home. However, the safety with regards to equipment use and adhering to the safety precautions provided by the manufacturer are important. No one should attempt carrying out jobs that are beneath their ability to carry out tree removal.
  • Licensed arborists should be hired to remove large branches that are broken yet it is still hanging on its specific tree. This is because such branches pose a great risk due to their ability to fall at any random time. This should be handled quickly so as to encourage safety.  (Arborists are available in many different localities, click here for more info).
  • Old trees that have been seriously damaged and cannot be saved and those that are leaning a great deal should be removed. It should be noted that if the tree is not dangerously leaning then it can be safely assumed that is safe from falling.
  • Strong storms and hurricanes have the tendency to strip foliage from trees. Alternatively, it can make foliage appear burned, unhealthy and even brown.


The above tree removal safety after hurricanes and strong storms should be preferably be done by tree experts such as professional arborists. This insightful information on tree removal safety after hurricanes and strong storms will broaden the knowledge when it comes to the subject. Stay safe by hiring services of tree removal experts who have the appropriate equipment and expertise to perform such jobs.